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The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
hit the Pacific coast of northeast Japan
on MARCH 11th, 2011

Officials of the National Police Agency have confirmed 14,508 deaths,
whereabouts of 11,452 people are still unknown
and 130,155 people are staying at evacuation centers as of April 27th.

As one of the Japanese, I would like to express my deepest gratitude
for kind assistant of Iran and all the countries from the bottom of my heart
"ARIGATOU ありがとう"

Iranian people sent messages for Japan


I want all the Japanese people to know that I think of them and feel awful about what has happened to them these days. I pray for them and hope they are able to bear the misery that nature has caused and soon feel happy and calm again.

Tolou Mollabashi   lady, Tehran


トルー・モラバシ (女性 テヘラン)

In the name of God
Dear Japanese people, especially the survivors of the recent disaster. I wish that you can bear this natural disaster & I hope that you can rehabilitate everything soon. When the earthquake happened in Bam one of the cities in Iran, Japanese people sympathized with us . We have a poem from one of our poets named SAADI which says: The sons of Adam are limbs of each other, having been created of one essence.
When the calamity of time affects one limb The other limbs cannot remain at rest.

With a heart, full of sorrow,

Mohammad Rouhi   man, Teacher, Tehran



ムハンマド・ルーヒー (男性 教師 テヘラン)

In the name of God who has created the sun,
I’m so sorry about what happened to you in Japan & I am worried about health for the Japanese children.

Sonia   girl, 7 years old, Tehran


ソニア (少女 7歳 テヘラン)

“ The sons of Adam are limbs of each other, Having been created of one essence.
When the calamity of time affects one limb The other limbs cannot remain at rest.” :( SAADI )
We’ve started our new year with a bad news about your country. I sympathize with you & I hope after these hard days, you’ll have the beautiful days. I’m sure that you will have that time soon by your efforts .

Your friend ,
Saeid Tahoonchi
   man, Tehran



サイード・タフンチ (男性 テヘラン)

When I heard about the disaster in Japan, I became very sad. I hope you accept our condolence.

With regards,

Marjan Mirzakhalili   lady, Tehran



マルジャン・ミールザッハリリ (女性 テヘラン)

I saw the pictures of the earthquake & tsunami that happened in Japan & became very sad. I hope these kind of disasters, never happen again.
I wish you health & happiness,

Mahsan   lady, Tehran


マフサン (女性 テヘラン)

We’re thinking about you & what happened to you. I hope these kind of disasters will never happen again to you.

Naderian   man, Tehran


ナデリアン (男性 テヘラン)

When I heard about the disaster in Japan, I became so sad & I pray for you everyday.
I wish you happiness in your life,

Behnam Moumivand   boy, 10 years old, Tehran


ベフナム・ムーミバン (少年 10歳 テヘラン)

I’m so sad & sorry about what happened to you by this disaster & I hope by your efforts, you can rehabilitate everything better than before.

Alireza   man, 24 years old, Tehran


アリレザ 男性 24歳 テヘラン

I’m so sad about what happened to you . I hope it will never happen again.

Mohammad Saleh Rouhi   boy, 10 years old, Tehran


ムハンマド・サーレ・ルーヒー 少年 10歳 テヘラン

I got the News that what happened to you in Japan . We have a poem which says: “ The sons of Adam are limbs of each other, Having been created of one essence. When the calamity of time affects one limb The other limbs cannot remain at rest.” Which means if somebody in this world gets hurt, the others cannot stand & try to do something . We hope that your situation will get better & you can come back to your normal life. Don’t think that we’re in happiness now, because when you’re sad, we cannot be happy. I hope this disaster will never happen again in Japan & you’ll have your happy days again. I’m so sad for the Japanese children & wish them to survive in this very bad situation. I wish there wouldn’t be any earthquake in the world but if happens anywhere, nobody gets hurt.

Mohammad Reza Moeini   boy, 9 years old, Tehran

日本で起こったことのニュースを聞きました。私たちの国、イランにはこのような詩があります。「アダムの子孫たちは、それぞれ1つの体の一部であり、1つのエッセンスから創造されたもの。その一部に災難が及んだときには、他の部分も休んではいられない(サアディー)」 これは、もしこの世界のだれかが傷つけば、ほかの者たちはじっとしていられず、何かをするべきだという意味です。私たちは、この状況が改善され、皆さんが通常の生活を取り戻すことを願っています。イランの私たちが幸福でいるとは思わないでほしい。皆さんが悲しい状況にあるのに、私たちが幸せでいれるはずがありません。日本でこのような災害が二度と起こらず、皆さんが幸せな生活を取り戻すことを心から願っています。日本の子どもたちのことを考えると本当に悲しい。このひどい状況をみんなが乗り越えられますように。世界においても二度とこのような災害が起こりませんように。もし起こったとしても、だれも傷ついてほしくありません。

ムハンマド・レザー・モイニ 少年 9歳 テヘラン

Dear Japanese people,

I really deeply sympathize with you . We’ve experienced some big earthquakes in Iran too, such as in Tabass, Roudbar & Bam & could understand your feelings closely. Please tolerate it & stand in this very hard time. I hope you’ll settle down & come back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Mojgan   lady, Tehran



モジュガン 女性 テヘラン

I really sympathize with you . As all the world knows the high technology in Japan, we’re sure you’ll rehabilitate everything again.

Reza Moeini From Tehran


レザー・モイニ 男性 テヘラン

The earthquake in Japan was one of the big disasters on the earth. This disaster made people shocked .It showed us that even if human has progressed in science & technology, it is still fragile under natural disasters. However, as Japanese people have the great culture & a real honesty, I’m sure they can compensate their loss by their efforts in a really short time. But the people who have lost their lives in this way, is a big loss that can never compensate .I wish these active & diligent people will solve all the problems soon .

Ali Kamran   man, Tehran


アリ・カムラン 男性 テヘラン

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was watching the News about earthquake & Tsunami in Japan. Is it a movie ? But as I knew that was real, it made me to try to imagine myself to be at the place on that scary moment . And this matter changed may way of looking at this world. I should try not to rely on this world like before. I hope all the Japanese people can stand this situation till they can rehabilitate everything & go back to their normal life & I pray for the people who passed away in this disaster.

Nastaran Mirzakhalili   lady, Tehran

日本の地震と津波のニュースを見たとき、私は自分の目を疑いました。これは映画だろうか? しかし、これが現実のものとわかったとき、この恐ろしい瞬間に自分がこの場所にいたとしたらと想像しました。そのとき、私の世界を見る目が変わりました。これまでのように、この世界に過度に依存することは改めるべきだと思いました。私は、日本の皆さんがこの状況を乗り越え、すべてを修復し、もとの生活を取り戻せるよう心から願っています。そして、今回、残念ながら命を落とされた皆さんのために祈りたいと思います。

ナスタラン・ミールザッハリリ 女性 テヘラン

I sympathize with all the Japanese & also non Japanese people who are living in Japan & got hurt in this disaster.
Mahnaz Hakami   lady, Architect from University of Tehran


マフナーズ・ハキャミ  女性 建築家 テヘラン大学卒

I sympathize with all the Japanese people especially the ones who got hurt in this disaster. I think that children got hurt the most .I’m so sad for you but I hope everything will be fine . Please don’t lose your hope. I wish you happiness in your life . I always think about you & I love you too much.

Ladan   girl, 13 years old, Tehran


ローダン 少女 13歳 テヘラン

You, Japanese people are very nice because you helped all the people in the world & I hope this kind of disasters will never happen to you again.

Safapour   man, Home center manager, Tehran


サファプール 男性 ホームセンター・マネージャー テヘラン

You're beautiful, stay beautiful .

Sogand Afshar from Tehran


ソーギャン・アフシャール 女性 テヘラン

I wish health, the best thing in the world, for the Japanese people especially the Japanese children .

Aghighi Clothes shop manager from Tehran


アギギ 男性 服飾店マネージャー テヘラン

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